Services Analysis

Here’s a breakdown of services and their prices

Psychiatric Evaluation

Tnis is the first session. We get to know each other and several assessments and an interview are completed. We also discuss goals and start therapeutic interventions. This session is 60 minutes and the cost is $175.

Individual or family psychotherapy

These are follow-up sessions after the evaluation session. Individuals, couples, and families participate. During these sessions, we discuss the problems and develop solutions. We practice skills. We work on healing old wounds and using new, healthy coping mechanisms. These sessions are 60 minutes and the cost is $150.


These are non-traditional therapy services. This includes my Not Just Surviving: Moral Injury and Repair curriculum, Hack Your Marriage, and Attachment Unlocked. The duration and cost varies by training. This also includes consultation and supervision services.

letter writing

These are documents produced at the client’s request for various situations such as academic accommodations, emotional support animal justification, legal support, and other circumstances. The cost of this service is $300 per document.

A few things we’re great at

Areas of expertise


◦ Premarital counseling ◦ Communication ◦ Sexual health ◦ Affair recovery ◦ Improving intimacy


◦ Anxiety ◦ Depression ◦ Trauma ◦ Inner Child/Family of Origin ◦ Panic Attacks ◦ Sleep Problems  ◦ Grief/Loss  ◦ Career ◦ Life Transitions ◦ ADHD ◦ Neurodivergence


◦Parenting ◦ Adolescence ◦ Young Adults ◦ Failure to Launch ◦ Intergenerational Trauma ◦ Boundary Work ◦ Family Conflict ◦ School Adjustment ◦ Addressing Bullying

What you can expect

We provide expert psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and children. We also provide family and couples therapy including pre-marital counseling, infidelity recovery, and relational health development. We believe that therapy is an investment in yourself and you should expect a return on that investment. 

Because we provide therapy services throughout the States of Washington and Hawaii, we are fully virtual, utilizing Zoom, a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform to facilitate our sessions.

The Process

Our desire is to provide you with the best return on that investment with tangible results. We will work with your individual needs to provide you with the supportive environment that will allow your investment to flourish. This may take the form of weekly sessions, multiple sessions per week, or follow-up/booster sessions that can be planned well in advance. Remember,  you are in control. We’ll ensure our plan is tailored to your needs.